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Permanent Outdoor LED Strip Christmas Lighting up Toronto Homes with Convenience!

Permanent Outdoor LED Strip Christmas Lighting up Toronto Homes with Convenience!

Yuletide Light Show

Many festivals and ceremonies surround one traditional element of Christmas; the lights. Whether on trees, along parks or on one’s roof, lighting ceremonies have brought wonder and fascination to folks young and old! Unfortunately, installing temporary home lights can also be one of the most daunting tasks at Christmas time. Pulling out the ladder, putting on hats and mitts to traipse on the roof in freezing temperatures does not fill one’s heart with joy. Permanent outdoor LED strip Christmas lighting is an easy-to-use, professionally installed lighting system controlled with a smartphone app. Gone are the days are creating complicated extension cord systems so the lights look "just right.” Simply turn on the app, select your colours and pattern and you’re ready to shine some festive spirit along with the neighbourhood.

LED Lights the Way for the Future

LED lights are a more cost-effective and energy efficient than traditional fluorescent or incandescent lights. They emit a brighter light for longer and perform best in colder temperatures making them perfect for outdoor use in Canadian winters. They last much longer as well using a fraction of the same energy – 50,000 hours for an LED vs only 1,000 for an incandescent bulb. LED or light emitting diode, uses 50% less energy to deliver the same wattage as a traditional bulb. LEDs can also aim light in specific directions unlike a regular bulb, which emit light and heat in all different directions. Incandescent bulbs are spherically shaped as well, where LED can be mounted on a flat surface, shining hemispherical light. Directional lighting like this helps reduce wasted light and heat energy.

The control that homeowners have over permanent outdoor LED strip Christmas lighting in Toronto is incomparable to traditional lighting systems. LED inherently have dimming features that would be impossible to match with incandescent lights. LED is most certainly the way of the future, and combining convenience and technology, Toronto homeowners and businesses can have permanent outdoor LED strip Christmas lighting installed and "wow the crowds” over the holidays.

Year-round Light Applications

Why stop with Christmas though? There are many uses permanent outdoor LED strip Christmas lighting can offer throughout the year. Here are some popular uses for permanent lighting:

  • Other annual holidays like St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Canada Day, Pride, Thanksgiving or Halloween. Each holiday has specific colours associated with them and provides an opportunity to create an amazing lightshow for the neighbourhood.
  • Wedding or baby shower events have a need for exterior decorating. Announcing baby genders at showers has become a popular trend. Flip the switch and let everyone know the little bundle of joy will be here soon.
  • Birthday parties are associated with streamers and balloons but think of how easy it would be to decorate the house for the big party by accessing an app on your phone. Whether it’s a rainbow of colours or a favourite colour, celebrate with a unique lightshow.
  • Share your passion for your favourite sports team by lighting the exterior of your home in Raptors purple or Leafs blue. Every time the home hockey team scores, shine the red light show to celebrate with everyone in the neighbourhood!

These and traditional Christmas lighting are wonderful ways to share your home’s individual personality through the use of permanent outdoor LED strip Christmas lighting in Toronto!